Your Roadmap
Business Growth

Run Improve Grow® is designed to help organizations move from a place of struggle and drudgery to a place of joy and engagement—from mediocrity to true excellence. Your journey towards excellence starts here!

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Don't Get Stuck in the Run

The first part of the Run Improve Grow system, Run, describes how to use Ray Attiyah's field-tested principles to build a solid—and simplified—foundation that focuses on excellence and empowers the front line to take true ownership of essential day‑to‑day operations. A fearless, functional front line allows you to climb above the complexities of day-to-day operations and work on your business—not in your business.

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Stop Firefighting and Start Improving

When you stop spinning your wheels, you will begin to notice positive changes happening all around you. The second part of the Run Improve Grow system, Improve, explains how to capitalize on the momentum created by your fearless front line to liberate your organization's managers. With a fearless front line, a new organizational attitude, and managers who can spend time try-storming instead of firefighting, there's no limit to what you can accomplish!

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Grow Your Company to the Moon

The third part of the system, Grow, outlines what the organization needs to do to make (then keep) bold promises, place (then win) bold bets, and scout (then hire) bold people. When your front line is running and your middle management is improving, your senior managers are free to get bold, go big, and grow the business! It doesn't stop there, however—the first round of Run Improve Grow is just the beginning!

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